Prosteel SMART Briefs

Prosteel SMART Briefs SMARTbrief Technical Bulletins Prosteel Roof Products SMARTbrief Technical Bulletins are for use by all Prosteel Roof Products customers. Each SMARTbrief is coded with a reference number and can be used to support various trade practices that are acceptable to, and have met Prosteel Roof Products quality standards in effect at the time.

Prosteel Roofing Smart Brief Technical Bulletins

 Below, please find Prosteel roofing Smart Brief technical bulletins for everything from roof cleaning procedures to Prosteel vent details, to roof tile fastening updates and walking procedures. Please keep checking back from time to time as we add various SMARTbrief’s on various subjects to help our customers and contractors in the field.


PDF icon 001-SB-0400920 -- Cleaning Moss, Algae and Bird Droppings133.68 KB
PDF icon 002-SB-040922 — Batten-Less Fastener Alternatives for Shake-II & Tile-II223.84 KB
PDF icon 003-SB-050804 — Roman, Shake-II & Tile-II V-Bat Riser Metal234.59 KB
PDF icon 004-SB-050320-Rev-61615 — Repairing Marked or Scratched Panels136.45 KB
PDF icon 005-SB-060201-Rev-12215 — Walking On Your Roof2.85 MB
PDF icon 006-SB-060202-Rev-112514 — Prosteel SMART-Vent Details213.82 KB
PDF icon 007-SB-060620 — No Warranty for Moss or Algae20.41 KB
PDF icon 008-SB061110-Rev-110209 — Panel Imprint Codes46.01 KB
PDF icon 009-SB-121406 — Storage of Prosteel Materials112.51 KB
PDF icon 010-SB-053007 — Installing Prosteel Panels When Wet23.15 KB
PDF icon 011-SB-10908 — Profiled Roman Bird-Stop Installer Correction Steps255.25 KB
PDF icon 012-SB-02004-Rev-470802 — Dissimilar Metals24.96 KB
PDF icon 013-SB-082406-Rev-022208 — Blu-Wood Pressure Treated Lumber & GLAVALUME® Steel24.66 KB
PDF icon 014-SB-0611102-Rev-032415 — Prosteel Exposed-Concealed-Fastener-Spec143.9 KB
PDF icon 015-SB-08041801 — Roman BATTEN-LESS Fasteners17.8 KB
PDF icon 016-SB-010809-Rev-111609 — Prosteel ASV-Benefits673.13 KB
PDF icon 016-SB-010809 — Appendix29.51 KB
PDF icon 017-01083109 — Rain Water Run-Off17.47 KB
PDF icon 018-011210-Rev-51314 — Prosteel ASV Title-24 Compliance-201420.28 KB
PDF icon 019-SB-01100308 — Prosteel Hot Box (R-value) Testing Analysis Compared to Title-2420.91 KB
PDF icon 023-SB-110317 — SMARTvent Diverter517.32 KB
PDF icon 024- ASV Equivalence / Solar Reflectance30.52 KB
PDF icon 025- Roofing Over Asphalt / No Underlayment 18.99 KB
PDF icon 026- Solar System Over Prosteel Roof380.44 KB
PDF icon 028- LADWP Cool Prosteel Colors552.43 KB
PDF icon 030- Asbestos Encapsulation253.79 KB
PDF icon 031- Fascia Eve Riser Details449.08 KB