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Metro TILE® Metal Tile Roof Roofing

A roof should be more than just protective covering for your home. Looks and style also should be a major part of the details to consider when selecting which type of roof fits all your roofing materials criteria. If you are looking for attractive Mediterranean styling combined with the best roofing material available, then Metro TILE® stone coated steel should absolutely be your first choice. Ordinary standard tile roofs can be heavy, yet fragile and costly to maintain in the long run, certainly some factors you should consider before opting for installation of a normal tile roof. Conversely, Metro TILE® metal tile features the strength and lightweight of stone-coated steel, but still possesses the graceful scalloped curves and details of a low-profile classic roofing tile. Additionally, Metro TILE® metal tile resists cracking and fading and stands up against the harshest wind or weather years longer than common roof tiles. Metro roof panels resisted wind speeds in excess of 120mph. That translates into enduring good looks and peace of mind for many years after installation of the stone coated steel panels. These performance characteristics are some of the reasons you should choose Metro TILE® metal tile panels for your next roofing project. With a wide range of colors to choose from, solid or flashed, and integrated stone-coated steel accessories to match, a Metro TILE® metal tile roof will provide elegant style and satisfaction you could only hope for with standard tile roofing materials.

MetroTILE® panels provide the graceful scalloped curves of a low-profile tile look in an exceptionally strong, lightweight roof system suitable for any home. With integrated stone-coated accessories that match perfectly with your roof. Metro has you covered from any angle, so call your local roofing contractor or Metro distributor today for a presentation on these unique roof panels and accessories.

Standard Metro TILE® Colors

Outdoor light levels will determine the varying light and color intensity of our natural stone chip coatings.





Weathered Timber
Weathered Timber

Non-Stocking Metro TILE® Colors

Mission Red


Mission Red







When selecting your roof color, please note the below color lead times and additional costs

Stocking Colors: Ships to the customer within 2 weeks after the order has been confirmed and signed for.

Standard Colors: 2 - 4 week lead time.

Non-Stocking Colors: 4 - 6 week lead time. No Returns.

Custom Colors: 300 Sq. Minimum. 8 - 10 week lead time. 10% upcharge. 10% overrun. Pre-pay. No returns.

More About Metro TILE® Metal Tile Colors

MetroTILE® technical innovation and commitment to product quality begins with our original computerized stone-chip grading and blending process that produces a finer, higher quality, non-oiled natural granite stone chip. The unique chip delivers one of the tightest industry stone-coating matrixes available, helping to make our metal tile roof panels superior to any other comparable tile roofing product. MetroTILE® metal tile roof colors can be either solid or flashed to instigate a variegated non-patterned appearance that is extremely desirable in a metal tile roof. Metro colors are available in Standard, Premium, or specially selected color categories, depending on the Metro panel profile chosen. The natural stone chip coatings reflect varying levels of light and color intensity, depending on the strength of the outdoor light. The finished result is a stone-coated steel roofing panel that displays a long life, sharp color profile and comes with an included weatherproof warranty. With a MetroTILE® metal tile roof overhead, your home will be ready to withstand nature's toughest challenges.

To see why MetroTILE® metal tile roof panels are the best choice for your next roof, call your local roofing contractor or Metro distributor today and ask for a presentation on these unique stone coated steel roof panels and panel accessories.

Stone Coated Steel Metal Roof Tile

MetroTILE® stone coated metal tile panels are manufactured with durable galvanized 22-guage steel, and coated with poured on acrylic and natural chipped stone. Though stone-coated steel roofs have been around for 55 years, the roofing product technology has improved 100-fold due to the advances in chemistry coatings and modern-day acrylics. The metal tile roof panels are far superior to traditional roofing materials, and engineered to provide the best protection, energy efficiency and good looks for any home. The metal tile roof will not corrode due to the protection from layers of metallic and polymer coatings. A superior composite metallic coating called Galvaume® has been shown in industry studies to outperform the corrosion resistance of other coated materials. MetroTILE® roofing panels are referred to as "The Final Roof," and are backed with a 50-year limited warranty which is transferable should your home be sold. The stone coated steel panels can be installed in a relatively short time, depending on the complexity of the roofing strategy, and will suit any architectural design.

Why Metro?

A Strong Leadership History

Founded by US steel roofing industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience in stone-coated steel technology. Read our Company History page.

Reliability, Quality and Innovation

Metro’s design focus is on simple, functional products that provide fast install times and an aesthetic look to suit any architecture.

How We Go To Market

Metro Roof Products manufactures its innovative line of stone-coated steel roofing products at its Oceanside, CA factory and the Metro products are sold exclusively through our independent network of wholesale distributors across the USA and Canada.


Metro’s superior product features are the result of years of research and development on exclusive processes. Key differences are:

Metro STEEL — Highly corrosion-resistant AZ-50 Galvalume® steel coated with specially prepared & treated with proprietary primer to enhance Metro acrylic adhesion.

Metro BASECOAT — Proprietary special formulation developed by the world’s largest resin supplier to promote long-life performance in all climates.

Metro STONE CHIP — Finely graded, non-oiled, natural granite granules that enhance adhesion and provide the tightest granite stone coat matrix on the market today.

Metro ACCESSORY DESIGN — SMARTvent stone-coated ventilator panels fully integrated into the roof field with no need for special flashing. SMARTjack stone-coated 3-in-1 type vent pipe flashings with self-sealing rubber gasket and aluminum base. SMARTsleeve stone-coated and soon-to-be-released vent pipe sleeve cover to perfectly finish pipe penetrations. Eave Riser metals and Rake Channels that incorporate the unique “Locator-Lip” for easy positioning and installer error-free installation.

Metro WARRANTY — Every roof is backed with a 50-year limited warranty that has unlimited transferability to subsequent owners — a major plus in today’s housing market. We take pride in our products and it shows — everywhere a Metro roof stands! For more information, click below to download a pdf version of individual data sheets:

Metro Company Firsts

Metro Roof Products’ ownership and management team has a wealth of experience in the manufacturing and marketing of stone coated metal roofing products.

Metro Roof Products has experienced tremendous growth since its formal factory opening in January 2000 and has become a leading manufacturer of stone-coated steel roofing products.

The Metro USA state of the art manufacturing facility is located in Oceanside California USA on four acres of land and produces a wide range of stone-coated steel roofing product profiles to suit almost any architecture.

Metro has built a strong leadership position in this industry and has a series of “firsts” to its name:

  • FIRST with a “Concealed fastener,” direct-to-deck stone-coated SHINGLE panel - 1997

  •  FIRST with a “Rake Channel” with an integrated “Locator-Lip” design for easy install & added weather protection - 2000

  •  FIRST with a “Nail-on” batten-less, direct-to-deck stone-coated shake panel - 2002

  •  FIRST with a fully integrated stone-coated roof vent “Metro SMART-Vent” panel - 2003

  •  FIRST with the SMART-Jack pipe flashing & SMART-Sleeve pipe cover - 2004

  • All of which add up to “Smart Roofs for Smart People™”.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Long Has Stone-Coated Roofing Been Around?

Stone-coated steel roofs occurred during World War II when tar & sand were used to cover galvanized steel bunkers. After the war, the practice was commercialized and the first roofs were produced. Stone coated steel roofs have been protecting buildings for over 55-years, but the product technology today bears little resemblance to early practices due to advances in the chemistry of coatings and acrylics.

Q. Will A Steel Roof Make My Home Hot?

No. A properly vented steel roof moves air both between the shingles and the underlying deck as well as moving air from vents under the decking. Heated air is allowed to dissipate through the ridgeline as cooler is drawn through eave vents. Reduced energy bills can result from airflow both under and over the decking.

Q. Can You Walk On A Steel Roof?

Yes. Some care must be exercised while walking on the roof, but note that roofers walk all over the shingles during the installation process

Q. Is a Steel Roof Noisey In The Rain?

The combination of dead-air space and the stone coating minimize outside sounds. One rural couple standing directly under a stone coated steel roof observed that they could hear the rain striking a metal building about 50-feet away, but couldn’t hear any noise from the stone coated steel roof directly overhead.

Q. How Wind Resistant Is a Steel Roof

Metro roofing panels have been proven to resist wind speeds in excess of 120-mph. One homeowner’s roof survived tornado force winds completely intact. “We lost 12 large trees…the shingled roof of our garage…a 14' X 14' (2" X 6") pump house deck slammed into the house and buckled the brick. You said it would hold up in a tornado. I’m writing to tell you it will.” Bill Jamieson

Q. How Do The Granules Stay Bonded To The Steel

Specially graded ‘Non-Oiled’ natural granite stone chips, produced by SGI Corporation are used for all Metro stone-coated products. The granules are embedded in a UV resistant acrylic polymer for a lasting bond to the steel substrate

Q. Will A Steel Roof Rust?

The steel substrate is protected from corrosion by layers of metallic and polymer coatings. Metro has an advanced metal composite developed by BIEC International and introduced in 1973 as aluminum-zinc coated steel. The composite improved earlier metallic coatings by applying an aluminum-zinc alloy to the steel in a continuous hot dip process. The aluminum creates a barrier coat while enhancing the long-term performance of zinc and its ability to protect breaks in the coating. Galvalume® coated steel has repeatedly been shown in industry studies, conducted over the last 30-years, to outperform the corrosion resistance of other coated metals. This is why the Metro roofing panel is referred to as “The final Roof”, and is backed up with a 50-year limited warranty.

Q. Does The Color Fade?

Though sized more precisely, Metro uses the same stone granules used by asphalt shingle manufacturers for over 50-years, so history demonstrates that fading is not a problem. Over time, a slight change in color may occur due to settling of airborne contaminants; however periodic rain or washing the roof with a garden hose will keep the roof looking new.

Q. Is a Steel Roof Fire Safe?

Steel roofing is classified as a noncombustible roofing material (Class A). Metro panels when installed over combustible materials like wood shakes or shingles, the resulting roof assembly can be classified as A, B or C depending upon the type of underlay installed between the old roof and new roof. The lightweight (1.5-lbs/Sq-ft) strength of the steel roof helps prevent roof collapse onto occupants exposed to fire within their residence. top There are many examples of the safe fire performance of stone-coated steel roofs in areas subjected to fire storms. Additionally, the lightweight strength of the steel roofing precludes it from crashing down on occupants exposed to fire within their residence.

Q. How Long Does It Take To Install A Steel Roof?

Usually only a few days. The complexity of the building’s roof is the primary factor in determining the time required. Complex roofs require more time than basic designs.

Q. What IS The Installed Weight Of A Steel Roof In Comparison To Other Products?

PRODUCTWGT. PER SQ. (1-Sq. = 100 Sq.ft)
Steel Roofing125 lbs.
Standard (3-Tab) Asphalt Shingles**190 – 215 lbs.**
Wood Shake/Shingle*250 – 300 lbs.*
Heavy Weight Laminated Asphalt Shingles**290 – 430 lbs.**
Clay / Concrete Tiles*900 – 1200 lbs.*

Cedar, Clay & Concrete product weights are all DRY weights, all 3-product weights increase when WET. **Asphalt Shingle weights DO NOT include the weight of new plywood. OSB sheathing.

Q. What Does Hail Do To Steel Roofs?

Metro panels have earned a UL Class-4 Impact Resistance rating from Underwriters Laboratories. Except under the most extreme storms, Metro panels show no visible effects from impacting hail stones. Some insurance carriers extend a discount on premiums to homeowners that have a UL Class-4 Metro roof.

Q. Are Steel Roofs More Susceptible To Lightning Strikes? 

Steel roofing is no more susceptible to lightning than other roofing materials. It has been demonstrated that lightning strikes most frequently the highest points of terrain. Where concerns exist, lightning rods can be installed on roofs that are the highest point of surrounding terrain

Q. How Does Metro Market Its Products? 

Metro sells its products ONLY through wholesale type distributors who in turn sell to local contractors.