Prosteel's Online Warranty Resources

Our onlne warranty registrations process ensures efficiency and your readily available Paper and Electronic copies of this best roofing warranty available! Terms and conditions of Prosteel's 50-Year Limited Warranty can be found here.

For your warranty registrations, transfers and claims convenience please follow our online procedures listed in the below links. If you are unable to complete an online registration, PDF downloads with mailing instructions are available in the below links.

Warranty Registrations

To process your Prosteel roofing warranty, please complete and submit our online Warranty Registration within ninety (90) days of your roof installation. After approval, a numbered Prosteel Warranty certificate will be emailed to you for your records.

Warranty Transfers

If your roof was installed after June 1, 2016 there is no need to transfer your warranty ownership. To transfer an existing warranty ownership, complete and submit our online Warranty Ownership Transfer within thirty (30) days of the properties change in ownership. Our warranty department will email your new warranty certificate or contact you within 5 business days.

Warranty Claims

If a problem is experienced with a Prosteel Product that is believed to be covered by this Limited Warranty, please submit an online Warranty Claim form. Please include your valid warranty certificate number, and photographs of the specific defect or problem. You may be required to provide additional information or materials at the request of Prosteel, including photographs. As a condition of coverage under this Limited Warranty, you must notify Prosteel of any problem or defect within thirty (30) days of discovery to minimize damages that may occur from said defect.

How to Obtain a Prosteel Roofing Warranty Certificate

  • Complete and submit the online warranty regstration form. You will see the below confirmation if you warranty was successfully submitted:
  • Within minutes of your submission you will receive an email confirmation (with a copy of all your submitted information) for your record.
  • After the Waranty Department has reviewed and approved your registration, your will receive an email (addressed from / like the below image) which contains your electronic warranty certificate. 
  • All relative information (for ease of transfers or claims) and your effective warranty terms and conditions are listed on your certificate.
  • Your Approved Waranty Certificate (which looks like the below sample) is emailed to you for your records.
  • For a paper copy of your Prosteel Warranty Certificate, please print the email.
  • For your convenience, your records are stored securely in our database and you can also request a copy of your warranty certificate from our warranty administrator staff at any time.